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Christian Witness in the Wedding Industry

Something I realized when I was getting started as a wedding planner was that quite a few wedding vendors actively participate in Christian witness through their business. Witness is the practice of sharing the gospel and word of God with all people and the purpose is to bring new people to Christianity. This can be as…

Secularly Wed Community and Blog Wedding Planning and Secular Living - Celebrating and Explaining Easter as a Secular Person www.secularlywed.com

Celebrating and Explaining Easter as a Secular Person

Easter is coming up this Sunday. I have a bit of a confession to make. I really enjoy Easter. I grew up going to a Presbyterian Church. Holy Week from Palm Sunday through Easter was one of my favorite times of the year at church. You had great story telling, pageantry, egg dying, crafts made…

Secularly Wed Blog - The importance of building a secularly community - photo by Ana Teresa www.galizesphotos.com

The Importance of Building a Secular Community

Over the last few years, I began to embrace secular humanism as a philosophy and open up to others about my own personal atheism. I had moved to North Carolina from New York City and experienced a bit of culture shock. My own father is a Presbyterian minister, I grew up Christian and as a teenager, I…

Secularly Wed Blog | The Survey that Sparked Secularly Wed | Photo by Ana Teresa of www.galizesphotos.com

The Survey that Sparked Secularly Wed

  A few months back, I put together a survey through my event planning business in conjunction with The Bridechilla Podcast. The responses to that survey formed the foundation of what became Secularly Wed. As a wedding planner, I have met many secular couples who feel pressured to include religious elements in their weddings that do not…

Secularly Wed Blog | Secular Wedding Planning Community Photo by Ana Teresa Galizes

Welcome to the Secularly Wed Community

Why did we start Secularly Wed? The Secularly Wed community and vendor directory will be a place where couples can learn more about wedding traditions, planning tips, and connect with vendors who share their values. We hope to help guide you through planning your secular wedding and set you on a path to an intentional and strong…