Hipster Wedding Directory Wedding Pioneer is Anti LGBTQ+ | Secularly Wed - Intentional and meaningful non-religious wedding planning. Photo by Zelle Duda from Unsplash.
Photo by Zelle Duda on Unsplash

UPDATE: Many of the featured wedding pros and photographers have requested to have their profiles removed from Wedding Pioneer including 10 or the 12 in the original St Louis location.

Today I learned that the founders of Wedding Pioneer, a self-proclaimed “modish & gutsy” (?) community of non-traditional wedding pros and photographers are openly anti-LGBTQ+…. and guess why? Because Jesus.

It is important to point out that MANY of the wedding professionals and photographers who are listed on Wedding Pioneer had no idea and have since asked to be removed from the website.

In response to being called out for not being inclusive of the LGBTQ+ Community, the website’s founders, The Rowlands, said they love all people and say that they allow photographers and wedding pros to use photos of LGBTQ+ couples on their listings but that they would not feature those couples on the Wedding Pioneer instagram because of this BS right here:

“…it’s far more important to us to obey The Lord than to bow to current culture.”

So they will take your money if you want to be in their directory and post a LGBTQ+ couple on your profile… because legally they can’t do anything about that. And also because they want your $$$$$$$$$… But anywhere they retain editorial control, they ambiguously point to their rights to creative expression and artistic freedom to decide what they publish:

“Because the content of those pages represents our artistic expression, we reserve the right to decide what is posted on those Instagram pages, which includes whether or not photographs from any wedding, including an LGBTQ+ wedding, is posted on those pages.”

This right here is why I am wary any time a business owner openly talks about religion or having a “Christ-centered” business… or upholding “Biblical values” through their business… it is often thinly veiled signalling that they do not welcome the LGBTQ+ community or non-religious folk.

This also serves as a reminder that even the most artsy, hipster, “non-traditional” wedding pros and photographers can still hold regressive and hurtful views.

So this is not to say all the wedding pros who are currently listed on Wedding Pioneer are anti-LGBTQ+, in fact there are probably a few who are totally fine, but the founders have shown their true colors and I would carefully vet the wedding pros as well.

Like they say in the Bible… “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

Yep, I can throw it right back at ’em… most atheists can.


11 thoughts on “Founders of Hipster Wedding Directory, Wedding Pioneer are anti-LGBTQ+”

  1. Hi there,

    I am a featured St Louis photographer on Wedding Pioneer. Yesterday, when myself and the other photographers found out about this discrimination, we immediately asked to be removed from the site. We are currently waiting for the owners to remove our profiles. So in short, 10 of the 12 featured photographers have asked to be removed. As well as several of the other featured vendors. We are in no way supportive of the way they have chosen to operate Wedding Pioneer.

    1. I figured this would be coming. I am so happy to hear it! I will definitely update to include this detail. Please let me know if you would like a listing here on Secularly Wed! It’s free and while we don’t have the traffic they do, I would love to help promote your businesses!

  2. If you could please update your article with the information that several of the vendors have demanded to have their profiles removed from Wedding Pioneer, that would be greatly appreciate it. As promised by the owners, our profiles should be removed within the next few hours.

  3. This is crazy and so sad to hear. It’s exactly why we don’t edit or curate on The Wed Clique. Every vendor can instantly self publish their own work, regardless of religion, sexuality, body type (don’t get us started on the bias here), tattoos, ethnicity, budget, you name it.. those are actually the shoots we like showcasing the most on our Insta! bummed to see wedding industry sites tell anyone their version of love and commitment isn’t real or good enough. Seriously the last message any couple should have to hear before celebrating such a big life moment.

  4. Many of us who were about to be listed on the Seattle launch are going to be pulling out as well. There is absolutely no way I can associate my business with that type of sh*t. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  5. I actually found this community recently and was going to join as a photographer. Luckily they informed about their views and I declined to be associated with them. This has made me so so sad. It’s also made me think of all the couples and professionals who have been using their services without knowing about their views. I appreciate your blog post and couldn’t agree with it more. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi there,

    I came across this page yesterday while looking for info on Wedding Pioneer to add to my brochure and was horrified. I asked them about it and for me, their response was not satisfactory, so I asked to be removed. I know a photographer who did the same. Thank you for raising this.

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